About Us

GoGoA1.com is also refer as Go1go.in. Go1go.in is a world-class OEM/ODM and Supplier of Electric & Solar Powered Vehicles(Scooters) and it’s components.The company is located in India and has it’s own facility in China (YongKang Shinde Electric Vehicle Company, Ltd).

We are dealing with Electric scooter manufacturer, E bike manufacturer, Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Electric conversation kit manufacturer and Electric bike conversation kit manufacturing.We are very well known as e bike manufacturer in India.

We create an environment where people are able to commute effectively and efficiently with easy to use electric and solar powered vehicles.We are best for electric scooter manufacturer in India. We provide quality products.

We provide many organizations with opportunities to build their own branded Electric Vehicles and Electric conversation kits with the help of it’s innovative and eco-friendly technologies.If you are looking for electric motorcycle manufacturer in India, contact us.

Making Own e-Bike

24V 250W PMDC Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

4,200.00 6,300.00

36V 250W Hub Motor Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

9,600 16,300

36V 250W Magnesium Wheel Hub Motor Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

14,100 15,300

Mini Electric Scooter Conversion Kit

18,990 24,000

BLDC 60V 1000W 10Inch Gearless HUB Motor with disc brake scooter kit

13,990 18,300

17inch 200W Brushless Electric Hub Motor kit for Electric motorcycle conversion

57,600 60,000

BEHEE X Mountain Fully Loaded Electric Bicycle with folding high carbon steel and 26'' wheels

35,000 40,400

14 inch GOGO Monowheel